Rediscover YOU in a fun journey designed to bring you joy and renewed energy in life. The SHINE Experience is all about Color. Clothing. Confidence.​



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Imagine presenting your wife, your mom, a best friend, or sister with the gift of shine. Sister, you can give yourself the gift of shine. In a day full of deadlines, appointments, commuting, and putting out fires, who takes care of you? At the end of the day, do you still feel connected to your lovely feminine self, or are you a mash-up of what everyone else needs you to be?  Take a deep breath and reach for the oxygen mask. You are no good to anyone else if you’ve passed out.


Your Shine Team has created an experience with a unique presentation of a beautiful, happy gift box curated with trendy jewelry, natural makeup, nourishing skin care and refreshing oil. But that’s not what makes this gift special.


Enclosed in your delicately wrapped box is an exclusive invitation. Your invitation to shine with an amazing six-week journey of self-discovery in color, clothing, and confidence. I wrote a book just for this program to show you the steps and self-care practices I used to go from exhausted and overwhelmed to vibrant and full of joy. Through a series of videos and additional content, we promise a renewed energy in your daily interactions around color, clothing, and confidence.

These lifestyle sessions create a well-deserved reboot to inner harmony with permission to recapture your Joie de vivre.


Included with your gift set is our book The Shine Experience: Embrace Your Sparkle. 

Don’t let anyone steal your shine. It’s time to get real and rediscover a beautiful woman – you.