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The Gift of SHINE!

Bring On the Holidays!

Sound the trumpets, break out the decorations, pull out the family recipe box, it’s the Holiday Season! Even though we’ve watched the calendar slowly tick from month to month, somehow we are alarmed when November appears. But why? Is it the pressure to create a magical experience with parties and family gatherings? Is it the expectation of blown budgets? Even worse, what gifts do I select for my loved ones who already seem to have it all? There are only so many fluffy pajama sets I can get for Mom.

The Wish List

Over the next two months, our minds will be inundated with commercials and advertising on all platforms of media and social media. Everywhere you look, someone will be asking for your hard-earned dollar to purchase the perfect gift. I can remember the Wish Book from Sears as a child and my excitement to see that thick, glorious glossy-paged catalog. We each had the opportunity to create our own Wish List from the seemingly endless pages of clothing, toys, bedding, and housewares.

By the end of November, that catalog was so dog-eared from being passed around to four family members, it looked like we’d abused it for years, not two months. Each of us had our thoughtfully prepared list to present Mom and Dad, complete with page numbers, prices, and color selections. Once Thanksgiving hit, there were no amendments to our document, so we had to be sure our wishes would withstand the full-on assault of December commercials during kiddie programming and Saturday morning cartoons. So…Much…Pressure!

Making Memories

As I formulate a plan for the season of giving, I find myself looking for more than just a physical gift. I want to give an experience. Since a gift is an extension of me, I want my gift to the closest people in my life to capture the excitement of what they will receive, but also prolong my selection with an event to look forward to. My Mom has everything she needs. She doesn’t need another pair or slippers, a fleece blanket, or the previously eluded to p.j.’s. What my mom wants is a memory. What she collects at this stage in her life is moments and experiences with family. Oddly enough, that is what I crave now, too.

John and I don’t typically purchase Christmas gifts for each other, rather we find something on our own and tell the other, “Hey, Babe! You got me a great gift this year. Wait till you see it on Christmas morning!” Weird? Meh, maybe. But it works. Why stress over a surprise or the false pretenses of the perfect gift when I know what I like, and I know what I want? Problem solved!

Give an Experience

This year blessed me with so many wonderful women in my life. Creating new content for SHINE has been rewarding and stressful at the same time. My purpose in this life is to be a light and shine in all that I do. Since that is my focus, I am never lacking in opportunity. This is what I discovered in 2018: many women are still living in their dull. Meaning, they are so focused on the day-to-day routine, they have forgotten how to sprinkle their day with a sparkle. The women I encounter at my workshops are crying on the inside to find harmony and vibrancy in their life.

When Libby and I created The SHINE Box, our challenge was how do we create an actual physical present, but incorporate an experience; A gift that keeps on giving as it were. When women learn what I do as a Stylist and Life Coach, they are so excited at the thought of having a personal connection in fashion and lifestyle ideas. What they tell  me though is, “I’ll keep your number for when I lose weight.” Or, “I don’t think I have the budget for someone like you.”

What they really mean is, “I would love some help in looking better, feeling better, and bringing some fun into my life. I’m so busy, I don’t know how to find time for me. Help me find Me!”

The Gift of  Shine

The SHINE Box was born out of a need to serve a larger group of women in the format of a gift and 6 hours of life living, life-altering community events. We will justify purchasing around the holidays because it’s the gift-giving season. It’s easier to show my husband something I’m really stoked about and place it on my wish list. In reality, I still wind up purchasing it for myself under his name. He’s given me the most amazing gifts for the past few years!


Sister, would it feel wonderful to reach January 2019 with fun and self-care “me” time on the calendar? Instead of setting a New Year’s resolution that inevitably ends in failure, how about setting the intention to embrace your inner shine? How about discovering the power of color on your mood, clothing recipes that leave you excited to step into your closet, and confidence in knowing your unique gift of energy? It’s time to revive your shine with “me” time!

Husbands, do you struggle to find the right gift? Be her hero with a gorgeous gift set and the time to focus on her. Help her recapture her identity beyond wife, mother, and professional.

Click on The Shine Box tab and discover the value of giving the gift of SHINE!


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