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Learn how to shop with a purpose. In our personal shopping sessions, you can learn how and where to find clothes that fit your style and budget. We can teach you how to stop wasting time wandering around stores and learn how to find exactly what will look great on you. No more blown budgets or frustrations. We will guide you through the shopping journey!

This is a great step after you have experienced a closet audit.  When we make an assessment of what pieces should be added to your wardrobe, shopping with a purpose becomes easy! No more “what was I thinking?!” purchases.

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While monthly subscription clothing boxes are exciting, they don’t truly know you. Once we have established a relationship, your style, and personal taste, you can trust us to do your shopping for you. From finishing your perfect wardrobe to finding the perfect outfit for your next big event, we can take care of your style needs while you’re taking care of everything else. A brief phone call to complete your shopping assessment will get us started. After that, we’ll take care of the rest!

How wonderful would it be to have your own personal shopper and avoid the traffic, the parking, the crowds, and the fatigue! Phew! Using us as your personal shopper is affordable and easy.

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How will we shop with purpose?

  • One-on-one personal shopping advice
  • List of ideal shopping locations for your style and budget
  • 4-hour guided shopping experience
  • Professional feedback on looks, styles, fabrics, and colors
  • Rounding out your current wardrobe with intentional pieces
  • Purchasing items that will fit into your current style

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