the shine experience book by anne tabor

Welcome, Shine Sister! I give you permission for some "me time." Yeah, right, you say? You give to others. You run your family all over creation. You struggle to balance home and work. You are a Girl Boss. You dream of being a Girl Boss. Are you a mom? An empty nester? You wear so many hats you forget which one is on your head! You are determined to earn the title of Wonder Woman, alas you only captured the award for Worn Out Woman. Only there is no award, not even a participation trophy! Sister, it's time to focus on you and revive your SHINE! The Shine Experience was written to help women invest in themselves and will help you take a journey to revive your shine.

personal branding consultation

SHINE is proud to offer this dazzling two-hour personal branding consultation for you or that special woman in your life. Do you stand in front of your clothing and lament, "I have nothing to wear!" I feel your pain, Sister. I felt lost until I learned how to treat my clothing like following a recipe. Three outfits and thirty minutes later I was ready to face the world. Meh. Not even. In this session, I customize the clothing you already own into fresh new pairings! I wave my magic wand and Presto! You have a new combination you never knew existed. Having a Stylist in your corner can make all the difference in the world when it comes to feeling confident. Style can be taught, and to make this experience even sweeter, I include a digital e-book with a fascinating self-discovery guide to your personality and style preferences. With downloadable content before and after your consultation, you’ll benefit from this educational perspective of curating your perfect closet.

the shine experience online course

Are you ready to invest in yourself with much needed "me time"? Sister, we know what it's like to be pulled in all directions. From all the hats you wear, you've probably forgotten which one is on your head! In the process of being a wife, a mom, a career woman, a Girl Boss, a friend, have you lost the hat labeled ME? In this six-week online video course with the companion book, you'll rediscover you. What makes you happy? How can you revive your shine? Have you adapted your personality to please the people around you so much that you have forgotten to give yourself a voice?