The SHINE Experience Book By Anne Tabor

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The SHINE Experience Book

Welcome, Shine Sister! I give you permission for some “me time.” Yeah, right, you say? You nurture others, run your family all over creation, and struggle to balance home and work. You are a Girl Boss. You dream of being a Girl Boss. Are you a mom? An empty nester?

 You wear so many hats you forget which one is on your head!

We love movies. I mean the Tabor family loves movies. Our book is written like you are going through your own script with unfolding scenes. Here is peek into your experience.

Scene 1: Pull Up Your Boots and Fasten Your Mask, It’s Time for a Reboot! – POW! ZIP! BLAM! Creating My Movie Trailer: the future vision of me.

Scene 2: My Personal Shine Energy – Understanding my unique personality and how to relate to the various personality dynamics of my family. You’ll explore four personality regions of Tropical, Mediterranean, Savanna, and Metropolitan. Where in the world in these four regions will you find your personality shine?

Scene 3: Leading My Day with Intention – How can I be proactive instead of reactive in living my life? Are you tired of having life “happen” to you? You’ll learn strategies to keep you in control of your day.

Scene 4: Find My Shine with Color – Discover how color is energy. Each Color has its own frequency vibration in the world of energy.  After a little trip back to the science lab, you’ll learn how to elevate your mood or conquer challenging situations based on the colors you wear and surround in your environment. Color is a gift!

Scene 5: Live Life in Color – Through color psychology, we’ve linked 11 colors with 11 self-care practices to strengthen your emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. Life is too exciting to live in black and white! You’ll never look at the colorful world around you in the same way. This session is your wake up to color!

Scene 6: Shine Sister Support– At some level, we are all screwed up. It’s a fact! Unfortunately, the hurt and insecurities from our past, mainly our school experience, has left a scar that we carry into our adult life. Women can be a great source for strength if you know where to look. You’ll learn how to take your hurt from the past and reframe it for mentoring other women in your life. We are not our past. It’s time you feel empowered for your future.


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