More than a box, it’s an experience.
This exclusive box combines an invitation to a fun six-week online experience designed to help you rediscover your SHINE through color energy, style sessions, and confidence in being the best version of you! Your investment is the follow along book and the online course. Your bonus is this gorgeous gift box! Self-care has never looked so good!


“Tell me who I am, I might believe you. Teach me who I am, I might remember.
Involve me in the process of self-discovery; I’ll make a lasting change.” – Anne

The SHINE Experience Book

This exclusively designed course book dives deep into the questions you need to revive your shine.
As I take you through a series of reflective questions and life scenarios,
you’ll get a brighter image of who you long to be.

Topics include:

1. Color psychology– in your wardrobe, home décor, and anchor
life-changing color principles through self-care practices.

2. Personality Energy Assesment – Have you ever struggled with understanding your loved ones and why they have certain habits?
Do you find yourself suppressing your true feelings and emotions because you fear no one hears you?
I’ll guide you through a unique perspective of your personality SHINE energy.
Where in the world of Tropical, Mediterranean, Savanna, or Metropolitan will you discover your shine?

3. Creating Shine Sister Support – When did you first develop your sense of insecurity? At some level, we are all screwed up. It’s a fact! Through Shine Sister Support, you’ll see it’s time to embrace loving and supportive women in your life.

 Reboot My Joy!  

Online 45-day Style and Color Course

Ok, let’s get real. How fun would it be to learn top tips and trends from a Stylist and Interior Decorator?

Do you love the color you see in fashion and home interiors, but you’re just not sure how to bring them into your life? What about a session dedicated to the latest trends in accessories, hairstyles, and cosmetics? How do you bring the energy of color into your home? For the next six weeks, we’ll deliver an entertaining video, and downloadable worksheet straight to your inbox. In the comfort of your home, discover color, clothing, accessories, and the latest trends in home interiors and style. We leave nothing back when it comes to educating you on everything from inner confidence to outer shine. Sister, you just received the gift of SHINE!

This full program is an amazing $509.44 Value

Our holiday gift to you:

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