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Personal Stylist + Closet Consult = Renewed Confidence

It’s interesting to watch people’s reaction when I say I’m a Personal Stylist. I already know what you’re thinking. I’ve heard so many at this point; I thought it was time I educated you on the emotional component, the physical technique, and the intended finished result of working with Yours Truly. While I believe everyone can benefit from tips and techniques from a personal stylist, I realize there are only a small percentage of brave souls out there who are considered early adopters. Tackling the emotional fear of closets and clothing leave would be clients perched on the fence between, “This sounds so fun!” to “I’d rather hand pluck all my eyelashes.”

Are You Dismissing a Personal Stylist or Yourself?

You’ll laugh, but here are a few quotes from well-meaning conversations:

“I can’t afford a stylist; I’m just a regular person.”

“Do you shame people like What Not to Wear?”

“Oh, Girl. You have no idea what a mess my closet is, I don’t even want to be there.”

“I’m not buying another thing until I’ve lost all this weight.”

“I hate shopping, and shopping hates me.”

“You’ll just tell me everything I own is wrong.”

Woah. Pump the brakes, Sister. Please draw your attention to one critical fact about this list. Not one statement has anything to do with me. Its all about a lack of confidence or fear in being challenged with a new fashion insight. Instead of seeing this as a splurge into the vain world of fashion and body perfection, let’s change my title. I’m your Confidence Coach. Does that have a different ring to it?

I’m Inside Your Head

On the one hand, it’s easy to get excited about the possibilities a good closet makeover can make. On the other hand is sheer terror. Do any of these statements reflect your emotional connection to your closet?

“I have my fat clothes, my skinny clothes, and everything in between.”

“It takes me over fifteen minutes each morning trying to find something clean, unwrinkled, and suitable to wear. I average three outfit attempts before settling for my OOTD (outfit of the day).”

“I feel most comfortable in black, white, and gray because it goes with everything.”

“I’m not happy with my weight. I want to blend in with my environment.”

“Someday I’ll focus on me, but right now my family comes first.”

“My closet is just a storage unit. I only go in there when I have to.”

“I don’t care about being trendy. Clothing is just a necessary evil. We have a “you must wear clothing policy” in my office.”

“I’m wiping snotty faces and baby butts all day. Who has time to look cute?”

“I don’t have the budget to redo my wardrobe. I know everything is wrong, but I can’t fix it overnight.”

“It takes forever to find the right outfit for church on Sunday. It messes with the joy I’m trying to channel for services.”

This client shifted from a position out in the field to management. He needed some help in adding a fresh new look.
After we discussed his style preferences, it turns out he loves color! What a dynamic change!


Clothing is a love/hate relationship

You are not alone. There is nothing new when it comes to our love/hate relationship with our clothing. Either you are in a great space because you put the hard work into taking care of yourself and learning what it took to build your body confidence, or you are still on the road of self-acceptance and learning to love you where you are. Contrary to popular belief, I was not always a confident person.  For years, I plagued my mind with insecurities and comparisons of the perfect body (BTW there is none) and the fixed mindset of “I’ll never have the budget or the skills to pull off the looks of the style magazines, so why bother.”

First, have you looked at some of the hideous examples of what the designer industry is trying to sell to us? No, thank you! Second, who am I trying to impress? My husband? I’ve already bagged him. Girls I consider real friends? They love me for me. Oh, wait! The stranger in the aisle at the grocery store, that’s it. No to it all! I was trying to get a handle on me. 

The power of one trending color! One dress, so many options.
While clothing seems superficial, it is, in fact, the outward symbol of confidence or fear of revealing the inward insecurity.


What Goes on Behind Closet Doors?

Crying, bashing, and humiliation. I’m kidding. A closet consultation is a process of progress, not perfection.

Step 1: You’ll receive a short e-book that guides you through your first stages of assessing your wardrobe. The cathartic motion of removing items from your closet that no longer honor you at this stage in your life is so freeing. I give you permission and a plan to release the emotional baggage lurking in your closet.

Step 2: Begin the journey to finding your style. I’ve developed a four-part personality and energy profile for helping you gain insight into your thought process, how you relate with others, how you communicate with loved ones, and potential strengths and challenges in your personality. You’ll discover your beauty region of Tropical, Mediterranean, Savanna, or Metropolitan. This e-book session gives you a list of beauty words to help refine your style and uses Pinterest as a basis for gathering clues into your refreshed look.

Step 3:  This is the fun part! We flip through Pinterest photos of styles you’re drawn to and discuss what beauty region you feel best represents your energy and personality. I shop for new pairings and unique combinations in your closet with what you already own. The gasps, clapping hands, and squeals of delight prove you have more working pieces than you think. You’ll snap photos and create a folder to store these new ensembles. The majority of my clients say, “I feel like I have a new wardrobe!” For those that don’t, they intended to find what to keep, then start fresh. After weight loss or a lifestyle/career change, sometimes the joy comes with a planned shopping trip shortly!

I am Your Confidence Coach

Imagine you step into your closet on any given day, and you have a plan. You know what works as your foundation pieces. The colors in your wardrobe go with each other, even better, you have color in your clothing. You nail your ensemble after one attempt. Co-workers give you compliments, and you graciously accept them without rebuttal. Shopping is no longer a chore for you, preferably an enjoyable expression of your style sense.

Here are a few examples of what my clients have expressed after their closet session:

“I finally understand how colors can work together.”

“I don’t want to feel invisible anymore.”

“It’s okay to be me.”

“Style can be taught!”

“I feel inspired to keep my closet organized and functional.”

“It felt like a therapy session, only fun.”

“I’m not afraid to wear colors.”

“I’m close to admitting I look pretty!”


Color. Clothing. Confidence.

When you look good, you feel good.

When you feel good, you take steps to treat yourself with more respect.

When you respect yourself, you have confidence that draws others to you.

When you attract others to you, you become an influencer.

When you are an influencer, you make the world around you a better place.

Working with a Personal Stylist is so much more than fashion. This week we are extending our special for the Closet Consultation Gift Certificate. Treat yourself or that special woman in your life with the gift of confidence. It indeed is the gift that keeps on giving. Out of town session can be held using Skype or Facetime. I’ve covered all the bases!


Shine Bright and Shine Often!


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