First Impressions: You Only Get 3 Seconds

Is Your First Impression Making the Proper Statement?

Did you know you only get three seconds to make a first impression?! That is so sobering, especially if I am counting on wooing a new client with my winning personality. Personality comes later. Split-Second judgment comes first. How then do you project the “wow-factor” to new people with only 3 seconds? 


Embrace the 3 C’s

My formula for creating a visible positive first impression is:

  1. Color
  2. Clothing
  3. Confidence

Over the next three blogs, I’ll cover these topics in greater detail.


The Color Challenge

Do I mean let’s see how many colors I can wear in the next week challenge, or integrating color into our wardrobe can be a challenge?


Ok, Y’all, this principle alone is life changing. I will reiterate this on all three blogs, but for today’s post, the focus of perception is COLOR.

Color is Mindset

It can be uncomfortable to stand out in the room or networking event. Our gut reaction screams, “Blend in! Blend in! Don’t bring attention to yourself. Step away from the spotlight!” In a sea of black, navy, and gray, a bright pop of any other color will be a refreshing change. It takes courage to stand out, but color is one of your strongest allies in creating a great first impression.

The fall season is abundant with rich shades in saffron, 

pumpkin spice, Merlot, and oregano. Sounds like a cooking class, I know, but have you ever noticed how many of the colors in our fabrics, paints, and cosmetics are all based around an object in nature? Food and the great outdoors are the inspiration to the fashion design houses across the globe. Bring the color into client meetings or networking events with a seasonal favorite from this falls fantastic line-up!


Color is Courage

Imagine yourself in a room full of black and navy suits. Maybe there is an occasional purple or burgundy accent with a tie or sweater, but for the higher percentage, it’s neutral. To be different, you decide to wear red. You might select a red wool sweater or a red dress. Perhaps you wear a bold red blazer over a white sheath dress (even more daring than a black dress). Regardless, you, my friend stand out.

Across the waves of gray is the beacon of red light. You created visibility without even saying a word. We love to see color, so if you are the beacon in the room, SHINE on, Friend!

Color is a Feeling

As the cold weather sets in, our instinct is to bundle up in the cozy. Cozy and snuggly colors often come in gray, cream, tan, navy, and black, our neutral shades. The weather turns brisk, and the sky is overcast filtering our vision to a muted gray. It feels like the right shades to wear this time of year are dull and nondescript neutrals. However, studies have shown we can raise our mood and energy with red, yellow, and orange.

Grab your red sweater or wool coat to increase circulation in your extremities. Use a red scarf to layer around your neck and torso. Orange and yellow are tragically tossed aside as, “Oh, I can’t wear orange. Come to think of it; I can’t wear yellow either. I guess I’ll stick with gray.” These warm colors increase circulation. Wear them or not, but try keeping a fleece blanket around. Side note: You can wear the right shade or tint of yellow and orange if you have help from your friendly Stylist. Me! (wink)

Dress the way you want to be perceived, not the way you want to feel. You feel cold, tired, and stressed out. Sure, grab your neutrals and hide in your blah colors. It only serves to reinforce your current mood. Consider being perceived as bright, cheerful, sunny, upbeat, and engaging. Could you gravitate to the jewel tones, and upcoming winter favorites of red, royal blue, and crisp greens? Do you want to be perceived as vibrant? Then you’ll need to look vibrant. Often it’s an attitude. Fake it ’til you feel it!

Color is Branding

While I love a crisp black and white marketing campaign, color is a vital point of consideration for a first impression. Color psychology is used to create a subconscious mood around your marketing. Have you consulted with a color expert to gain insight into what you want your brand to say?

When I consult with clients, I help them assess their color palette and determine how to incorporate that with their branding. Your brand material should be consistent online with social media, website, and hardcopy brochures and cards. Are your colors outdated or do they complete your image with a great first impression?

I’m here to help with your second chance!

Sure you may have botched your first impression in the past, but from this point forward, treat each new event and client meeting as your opportunity to rebrand your image with color. Maybe you are color shy. No worries! I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to guide you.

How can I help you today? Whether it’s reviving your current wardrobe with a set of fresh eyes, or giving insight to your brand, I love assisting clients discover the magic of color.

Reach out today to schedule your consultation!

“Life is too exciting to live in black and white. Live life in color!” – Anne Tabor






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