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  • How to improve your mood: It’s that SAD time of year

    My mood wavers between boredom and blah. February. While I can't quite put my finger on my funk, I am aware of this seasonal trap. The Pontificator of all pontificators, Punxsutawney Phil, didn't see his shadow on Saturday! Dare we speak his prediction aloud and…

  • Surviving the Next 60 Days of The Sugar Crush!

    You must think I’m a hater… Oh, please. If you only knew how much sugar I’ve dumped into my body over the last 40+ years, you’d be amazed. I know there are some strange humans out there that “just don’t like sweets” but not this…

  • Are You Living in a Circus or a Symphony?

    Is your life a Circus or Symphony? The Thrill of the Circus! I can remember my first circus experience. It was so exciting! I engulfed myself in a full-body experience with the smell of popcorn, the sweet aroma of cotton candy, and the roar of…

  • Have You Lost Your Shine?

    There are energy vampires lurking among us. They suck the life out of you through stress, overwhelm, and fear based actions. Learn how to find your shine.