Personal Development

Personal Development is your cornerstone to success. You are never too old to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or follow your dreams. Are you worth the effort it takes to grow?

  • The Gift of SHINE!

    Bring On the Holidays! Sound the trumpets, break out the decorations, pull out the family recipe box, it’s the Holiday Season! Even though we’ve watched the calendar slowly tick from month to month, somehow we are alarmed when November appears. But why? Is it the pressure…

  • The Art of Saying “No”

    No is such a powerful word. I find myself agreeing to far more than my schedule can comfortably handle and as a result I build resentment. I'll teach you The Art of Saying "No."

  • How to be Busy with Grace

    Busy people get things done The challenge becomes, do you get things done with grace, or with grumbling? Oh, friend, I am a reformed grumbler. No, I am a grumbler and I have to determine my mindset continually. Not once a day, but every moment…

  • When Happy People Collide with the Real World

    Happy Ostrich in the Sand Syndrome If I’m bee-bopping down the highway with my tunes blaring and a cup of hot coffee in my console, don’t disturb my groove. Or my mood for that matter. I’ve made a conscious decision to put myself in a…