Balance Myth

Balance is a myth. You've been living your life in an effort to create balance, but what you should really search for is harmony.

  • Finding Simple Joy and Pleasures

    Finding Simple Joy   Every day we have the unique opportunity to shine. In this last installment of Circus or Symphony: Stop Juggling Your Life, it’s important to realize the power you have at your disposal to find joy and happy vibes throughout your day.…

  • The Art of Saying “No”

    No is such a powerful word. I find myself agreeing to far more than my schedule can comfortably handle and as a result I build resentment. I'll teach you The Art of Saying "No."

  • How to be Busy with Grace

    Busy people get things done The challenge becomes, do you get things done with grace, or with grumbling? Oh, friend, I am a reformed grumbler. No, I am a grumbler and I have to determine my mindset continually. Not once a day, but every moment…

  • Are You Living in a Circus or a Symphony?

    Is your life a Circus or Symphony? The Thrill of the Circus! I can remember my first circus experience. It was so exciting! I engulfed myself in a full-body experience with the smell of popcorn, the sweet aroma of cotton candy, and the roar of…