• Finding Simple Joy and Pleasures

    Finding Simple Joy   Every day we have the unique opportunity to shine. In this last installment of Circus or Symphony: Stop Juggling Your Life, it’s important to realize the power you have at your disposal to find joy and happy vibes throughout your day.…

  • The Art of Saying “No”

    No is such a powerful word. I find myself agreeing to far more than my schedule can comfortably handle and as a result I build resentment. I'll teach you The Art of Saying "No."

  • How to be Busy with Grace

    Busy people get things done The challenge becomes, do you get things done with grace, or with grumbling? Oh, friend, I am a reformed grumbler. No, I am a grumbler and I have to determine my mindset continually. Not once a day, but every moment…

  • Are You Living in a Circus or a Symphony?

    Is your life a Circus or Symphony? The Thrill of the Circus! I can remember my first circus experience. It was so exciting! I engulfed myself in a full-body experience with the smell of popcorn, the sweet aroma of cotton candy, and the roar of…

  • Life in Color Workshop a Success!

    Are you missing color in your life? As your Shine Coach and Color Girl, I've the workshop for you! Discover the benefits of incorporating color into your work space and wardrobe. Schedule a call to learn how I can inspire your company or organization.

  • Have You Lost Your Shine?

    There are energy vampires lurking among us. They suck the life out of you through stress, overwhelm, and fear based actions. Learn how to find your shine.

  • When Happy People Collide with the Real World

    Happy Ostrich in the Sand Syndrome If I’m bee-bopping down the highway with my tunes blaring and a cup of hot coffee in my console, don’t disturb my groove. Or my mood for that matter. I’ve made a conscious decision to put myself in a…