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Are You Living in a Circus or a Symphony?

Is your life a Circus or Symphony?

A circus is a fun place to visit, but my nerves can’t handle it as a lifestyle!

The Thrill of the Circus!

I can remember my first circus experience. It was so exciting! I engulfed myself in a full-body experience with the smell of popcorn, the sweet aroma of cotton candy, and the roar of the crowd. My recollection of the vivid colors in the costumes and the chest-thumping bass from the music and noise of the motorcade was exhilarating.

As I watched the ringmaster announce one death-defying act after another, I found myself becoming more anxious. In my youthful innocence, questions flooded my mind.

How do they not fall off the trapeze and snap their neck? How can they ride in the Dome of Death and avoid a crash? Why doesn’t the lion eat them? Where do the elephants poop? Where can I find a sequined and feather costume for me? How can so many clowns fit in a  little car? If clowns are supposed to be so funny, why do they secretly creep me out? Is there a circus school?

The Poise of the Symphony

I’ve always held a certain level of reverence for symphonies. My love for music started at the tender age of six when I enrolled in piano lessons. In grade school, I was fortunate enough to take a field trip to Cincinnati Music Hall. We were told to wear our dress clothes and look our best for the performance. I took great care in selecting my outfit and determined I wanted to look more grown-up as per usual.

We were instructed to be quiet and behave like young ladies and gentlemen. The crystal chandeliers and velvet red theater seats created a rich and elaborate setting. As we took our seats, we received last-minute directions on performance etiquette.  The house lights dimmed and the musicians walked single-file to their respective seats. As strange notes, tweets, and nonsensical jibberish filled the hall I cringed at the ugly combination of “music”.

“Why they’re terrible!” I thought.

Before I could form a more damaging opinion of “professional musicians” (they get paid to sound this horrific?!), the conductor walked out on stage. The blats and belches of instruments come to a complete halt. The audience erupted in applause as he took a deep bow. He stepped up to the podium, raised his hand, rapped the baton on the stand, and that’s the moment my mind, body, and spirit connected to music.

This is harmony in its pure form!

What is the difference between a circus and a symphony?

Both have performers and both practice their show to perfection, however, the energy is completely different.
The energy of a circus is full of excitement, death-defying stunts, distractions, constant movement, loud, boisterous, an adrenaline high, and unpredictable.

The energy of a symphony is purposeful, structured, many moving parts timed to come in at the right moment. Sometimes soft and sweet, other stages are exciting and invigorating, however, it is a controlled environment. You know all the musicians and audience will come through the performance unscathed. There are a purpose and a plan with music.

Excitement can be found in both.

I love an adrenaline pumping circus. I love a skilled symphony orchestra.

The question becomes:
What do you crave more? Chaos or Order?
You can have harmony, peace, energy, and joy in your life. I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as balance; it’s a myth. Balance is elusive, and it doesn’t tell the entire story.

Do you really want a balanced home and work life? Then why are you spending more time on commuting and office responsibilities than you are at home? Your balance disappears when you include your sleep in this equation.

If your average day consists of eleven hours of time away from home, you grab six hours minimum of sleep (although you know eight is preferred), the remaining “balance” in a 24-hour period is seven hours. Seven measly hours to fit every other thing in your life, jam-packed into a day. Your “balance” of seven hours demands the cooking, cleaning, errands, appointments, kid’s functions, and…personal time. What personal time? Sorry, you get a shower and grooming for your “me” time.

It’s no wonder you feel like you’re juggling your life. What other option do you have?!

Strive for Harmony, not Balance

Grace, order, purpose, and intentional living is within your grasp.

 I will guide you with tips and skills on harmony in this Circus or Symphony Series

This is your introduction to a different mindset. In the coming weeks you will learn:

How to be busy with grace

The Art of Saying “No”

Finding Simple Joy and Pleasures – It’s all about the “small stuff”

Your focus for today is being present. BE PRESENT. When you are at home, BE at home with your spouse and children, no work. When you are at the office, BE at the office without personal distractions. Stop trying to marry the two, because you’re headed for a divorce!

Harmony is your new balance.

Take a deep breathe and sink into the moment. You can do this. You have to do this for your sanity and those who love you. I’ll coach you through the crazy if you show up to do the work.

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Until next week,

Shine Bright and Shine Often! – Anne

Stop Juggling Your Life!


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