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speaking engagements

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  1. Life in Color – Explore how color psychology can effect your mood and environment. You’ll discover key anchor practices for each color to create a stronger sense of self-awareness in your clothing, home decor, and nature.

  2. Elevate Your Image – You only get three seconds to make a first impression. Dress the way you want to be perceived, not the way you feel. Learn skills on how to create visibility with the right people with your first impression, appearance, speech, and body language.

  3. Circus or Symphony: Stop Juggling Your Life – Juggling personal and work boundaries can be a challenge, especially if you are operating under the balance myth. Are you a Ringmaster multitasking between a three-ring circus, or a symphony conductor elegantly creating harmony in your life? You’ll discover skills to create harmony instead of chaos between work and home.

  4. “Look! She’s waking up!” – Life lessons and gratitude’s are strengthened through personal trauma. Share experiences with Anne and how she turned her fear of the unknown, to faith in her future after a life-changing event. 

team building workshops

  1. Honoring Different Personalities in sales and the workplace – Understanding your co-workers and embracing different personalities create a winning environment. Discover four personality types to help you increase sales, inner office workflow, and how to honor other people with their energy. It’s not “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Rather “Do unto others as they would want you to do unto them.” There’s a big difference!

  2. Your Network is Your Greatest Asset– Learn how to ask for entrance into the second tier of your networks contact list. People refer people they know like and trust, but are you gaining favor in their sight? Learn how to network up and politely use LinkedIn to grow your referral base.

personal branding consultation

In this fun, interactive two-hour session we work together to maximize what you currently own. I promise, you have more to work with than you think! Through expert eyes, I’ll get creative with pairing current clothing to style a new, fresh look. Enjoy flipping through photos of these newly curated combos to inspire daily looks.  Consider this a therapy session of sorts, rather a Closet Coaching Session. Valuable e-learning material will be provided prior to your consultation.

*Members of The SHINE Experience receive a special rate upon completion of their live events.

the shine box

Your Shine Team has created an experience with a unique presentation of a beautiful, happy gift box curated with trendy jewelry, natural makeup, nourishing skin care and refreshing oil. But that’s not what makes this gift special.

Enclosed in this delicately wrapped gift is an exclusive invitation. Your invitation to shine with six fun and energizing online modules featuring episodes on color, clothing, and confidence. 

Over the next six-weeks, we’ll help you demystify your closet, integrate color into your home and wardrobe, and discover what it feels like to love you!

This exclusive concept delivers the promise of  a renewed Joie de vivre. Sister, it’s time to give yourself permission to rediscover your joy.