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7 Tips to Confidence in the Fitting Room

Last week I gave you 5 Steps to Boost your Body Confidence. This week I’m taking you in the Fitting Room. Whether you adore shopping or loathe the experience, these seven tips will help you gain confidence with your reflection in the mirror. Sister, it’s time to take this show on the road!


Tip #1 Shop with a Purpose

What is your experience of shopping? Do you have a plan? Do you have a list of items that are missing in your wardrobe? Do you have an inventory of tops, bottoms, layers, and accessories to know what you need? 

My best excursions occur when I know what I am looking for and my worst trips result when I randomly pilfer through clothing racks. I am a lioness on the prowl, shifting my gaze from rack to rack, color to color, all with a hunting mindset of taking that prized item back to my den.

So are you a shifty prairie dog hopping from one rack to the next in a random and haphazard pattern, or are you laser focused like a predator? 

Designers and Department stores want your hard earned cash, so who will be the benefactor of your money? Sister, know what you need first so you won’t become the prey to all the distractions of colors, discounts, and latest trends that seductively whisper your name!

Tip #2 Allow Plenty of Time

If you don’t know your purpose for shopping, carving out time to brave the jungle of fashion madness could turn into a part-time side hustle. When you know what you are looking for, that’s a huge time saver.

Implementing tip #1 permits you to filter through the clothing chaos so that the bulk of your time will be in the fitting room. You need ample time to try on clothing to ensure proper fit and fabrication.

In the past, I used the Grab-n-Go system of shopping. I liked the price and the color, meh, the size should be about right, and I bypassed the fitting room at all cost. I hated the fitting room step.

When I began curating my closet as my greatest asset to body confidence, I realized most of my donation items and trash items were a direct result of impulse shopping. They didn’t look right once I brought them home to meet my other pieces.


Tip #3 Wear a Monocromatic Top and Bottom to Try Things On

This step never occurred to me until I accidentally wore a nice outfit to the mall on one of my free time jaunts. I was wearing an off-white top and off-white jeans with a duster jacket, and I was in the market for more layering pieces.

As I morphed into my lioness persona, I stealthfully focused on shutting out the distractions of every other department but jackets and blazers. 

To my delight, my foundation pieces of the white top and white jeans served as the perfect blank canvas for trying on jackets. I could immediately filter which jackets looked the best for my body. I wasn’t distracted with the typical hodgepodge of an outfit I’d randomly selected to wear to the mall. 

If you find yourself shopping and you forgot this step, grab a black shirt and black pants off the rack. Or dark wash denim and a navy top, or my favorite will always be white on white.

Tip #4 Bring a Pair of Shoes that Look Great!

Nothing deflates the hope of a good kill like seeing your sock feet in the mirror. I mean, how can you hope to feel on point with your party dress if the elephant in the room is your neon orange Addidas footies?

Bring along your dress shoes to amp up your confidence in the fitting room. If I’m on the prowl for a full day of shopping, I wrap my shoes in a plastic bag and stick them in my purse. 

This step takes planning, but if you’re basing your trip on Tip #1, you have a purpose!

Tip #5 Try Multiple Sizes

Unless you are familiar with the designer, take a size up and a size down of the item in question. I vary between three different sizes depending on the label. It’s so not fair! 

Why can’t a size 10 be a universal size ten like a men’s pant 32×32?!

But since you already know this as truth, don’t focus on the size when you determine your final purchase. It’s the fit, not the size that will give you body confidence.

Tip #6 Fix Your Hair and Makeup

Oh, Anne, that takes too much effort! Tsk, tsk, tsk. I’ll forgive you this time, but it’s time you focus on the bigger picture. Imagine this:

You’re looking for an ensemble for an important dinner. You rush into the mall after a workout, wearing your gym clothes, hair flying, and a sweat glistening face. Hey, I love combing trips as much as the next girl, but this “fashion statement” is already setting you up for fitting room failure.

How can you expect to feel confident if everything you see in the mirror is telling you otherwise? I’ve learned to treat my shopping trips as an event. I dress with intention (my monochromatic ensemble), bring proper shoes, and fix my hair and face to honor what I hope to purchase.

Tip #7 Believe You Will Find What You Need

There are hundreds of stores and thousands upon thousands of garments available for purchase.

Believe what you are looking for is out there, just waiting for you to find it!

My confidence in the fitting room grew over time when I gave myself permission to say ‘no’ to items that weren’t perfect. If I didn’t absolutely love it, I didn’t buy it. How much money could I have saved over the years if only I had focused on getting the right clothing, not just the cheap price tag!

I am a proud lioness that confidently dismisses the little tasty morsels for the bigger prize. Sure, walking out of a store with a bag in my hand might feel like a success, but once I return to my lair the tiny carcasses litter my closet. 

You will find your prized catch when you couple your shopping plan with ‘love it’ moments in the fitting room.

Join me next week as we continue this series of body confidence. Be sure to refresh your memory on my 5 Steps to Body Confidence, and subscribe to our Shine by Design Youtube channel for coaching support. Enjoy our latest video!



  • Lisa

    LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I loathe shopping about as much as I loathe trying things on. As I read through this list, I’m guilty of almost all of it…no make up, sock feet, hair a mess, sports bra on! And then I wonder why I get so discouraged.

    I do generally shop with purpose because I want to get in and get out as quickly as possible, but if I incorporate a few of these tips maybe I can leave less times empty handed because I don’t “hate” what I’m seeing in the dressing room mirror!

    Thanks Anne!

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