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5 Tips for Shopping with Confidence

You likely fall into one of two camps when it comes to shopping; You love it, or you hate it — the difference between the two falls in knowing how to shop. Whether you are a shop til you drop kind of girl, or you avoid the mall at all cost, there is sure to be a tip you can apply to your next adventure. 

Tip #1 Shop with a Purpose

The natural born shopper

You’ll venture out for pure joy and the excitement of what you will find. It’s all about the best deal and the social experience with you. You’re giddy with the sights, the sounds, and the smells of the world around you. Whether you are in the mall or a consignment boutique, you feel in your element.

I would go naked if it were legal 

For you, clothing is a necessary evil. Maybe you feel like you missed the feminine gene of knowing how to put your ensembles together with panache and expert costumery, but the cold hard reality is this: You can’t go naked, even though you have heard rumors of various nudists camps throughout the world. 

Regardless, you need a purpose. Is your closet beset with oodles of clothing, but you still have nothing to wear? You have shopped without purpose. Are you faced with clothing that is primarily black, white, and gray and completely interchangeable? You haven’t taken the time to explore the possibilities.

What colors are missing from your closet?

What layering pieces like jackets, sweaters, or blazers would be a great addition to your wardrobe?

What accessories like jewelry, belts, purses, or shoes would level up your look?

It’s time for a living list of items needed in your wardrobe. On your next trip, look specifically for those items on your list, and in case you missed the previous blog that pairs perfectly with this topic, you can read it here: 7 Tips to Confidence in the Fitting Room. 

Tip #2 Dissect a Photo from Pinterest

In my not so distant past, I was a hater of Pinterest. Instead of seeing this app as a resource, it reminded me of my failures as a party planner, epic homeroom mom, or master of calligraphy quotes. I saw Pinterest as a source of yet another rabbit hole in the world of perfection I would never obtain.

I am a convert. Pinterest has opened my eyes to the possibilities in the world of fashion (or whatever else my little heart desires), but it’s given me a source of education.  

Before you shop, create a board of styles you are drawn to. Pin colors, cuts, fabrics, full ensembles, and stores that speak to a potential style. Dissect the photo and focus on the individual components of the outfit. What is the cut of the sweater, the color, the shoes, and the jewelry?

Your next step is to take this into the closet. What do you already have that is in this picture? What items are missing? Can you build multiple outfits with the long cardi in the photo? These questions will guide you in tip #1 Shop with a Purpose.

Tip #3 Shop When You are not in a Rush

Is your M.O. based on impulse? Then, Sister, it’s time to put your plan into action with your list and ample time to shop. When I walk through racks and racks of clothing waiting for something to jump out at me, I’m often attacked by amazing sales, “things I can’t live without,” and no idea what my new treasure will pair with once it’s nestled in its new home.

Very rarely am I thrilled with an impulse buy, however, when I know what I’m looking for, and I take the time to try it on in the fitting room, I usually wind up with a winner. You know how dangerous it is to shop for food when you are hungry, so why tempt yourself with spare time and no thought as to what you need?

Tip #4 Know Your Best Style

What is your best style? Do you even know? There are so many fashion options these days with boho, glam, classic, refined elegance, or 90’s Revival. If you change with the wind or based on the clearance rack, you are letting trends dictate your style, not your body shape and personality.

I didn’t even know a Personal Stylist was an option. Well, maybe I did, but I thought they were way out of this girls league. Not only is a Stylist affordable, but they also save you countless dollars on things that are not suited to your best look.

My clients are amazed by how many outfits I find in their closet, but when we take the excitement into a store? Katie bar the door. I love seeing the magic unfold when they “get it.” How much money have you wasted over the years? I promise you it’s more than a two-hour session with yours truly.


Tip #5 It's not the Size That Matters

Body Confidence 101: It’s not the size that matters. Why do you live in the past with a size that no longer serves you?

The day I stopped trying to fit into my jeans of years past was the day I realized I needed to love my body as I am. It’s not that I won’t hope for a better tomorrow or jeans a size down, but for today, I focus on loving me just as I am.

How liberated would you feel to buy a pair of jeans that didn’t scream “Second Skin!” for a pair that let you breathe? Sounds strange, right? Or a shirt that didn’t showcase your back fat rolls? Girl, get the size out of your mind and go for the overall look of the garment.


My friend, I want you to find joy in shopping, but I also want it to serve a purpose. When you combine a working knowledge of what you need in your wardrobe and what colors and styles are best suited to you, shopping is fun! Let your clothing be a healthy expression of the beauty I know you are and don’t go it alone if you would like guidance. I’m here for you!


XOXO – Anne

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