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Are You Stuck in a Rut? 5 Simple Tips to Shake Up Your Routine

It seems like winter will never end here in Ohio. It’s April and I’m still scraping frost off my windshield! As you head into a new season it’s easy to feel like you’re in a rut, but over the next few weeks, try these easy tips to break the mundane in your daily routine. We can all use a little fun!

Drive a Different Way to Work

One of the benefits of living in my tri-state area is the multitude of paths I can take to any given destination. Too often I put myself on auto-pilot and drive the same streets, dodge the same potholes, and create my version of Groundhog Day with every commute on repeat.

How much are you missing in your little corner of the world? What new and exciting stores or restaurants are popping up in your neighborhood? What new development is being designed in a future strip mall? Do you see the world around you, or do you have on blinders? 

Create some variety in your routine and give yourself an extra few minutes to take a new path. 

Eat Something New Off the Menu

I get it. You have your favorite lunch hangouts and your accustomed meal that delivers comfort and yummy goodness. It’s safe and expected, but what if you could find a new favorite? Are you a creature of habit that orders the same meal from each restaurant?

Panera, Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. Five Guys, Bacon Cheese Burger with Everything. Taziki’s, Mediterranean Salad with Chicken. We all do it. We know what meal we like in every spot we visit. Why mess up a good thing?!

We like to feel safe and know what to expect. This week, take a chance a break your routine. See what other gems are hidden in your hangout. You might be pleasantly surprised!


Mix Up Your Playlist

Even music can become a rut! Break up your routine by creating a new playlist. What decade of music are you feeling a bit of nostalgia for or a walk down memory lane? I recently created a Google Playlist with disco music. I included YMCA, Carwash, Knock on Wood, Get Down Tonight, and Rubberband Man. These are so far back in my past, yet hearing these songs brought up some feel-good memories. Roller skating anyone?

Ask a few friends what their favorite artists are and find new songs to add to your library. I love jazz, and a few months ago I came across a group called Fishbelly Black. I love their album, Crusader. 

What new author can you try on Audible? What new podcast could a friend recommend to you? There are so many genres, artists, and authors that are new to you, but you have to ask! Feed your mind with a fresh update to your entertainment.


Research a New Vacation Destination

If you are fortunate enough to be able to plan a vacation every year, are you the type that goes to the same place each year, or do you mix it up? I have friends that fall into both camps. What are your plans for this year?

The world is at your fingertips with the internet! Can you mix up your R&R routine this summer with a new spot? My family chooses a new city every year. We often alternate between ocean and inland, and we never repeat a place. While that might sound horrible to those of you that love the comfort of the tried and true vacation destination, it has given us great variety in our fantastic country. 

There are so many locations you can visit within a day or two drive. Where can you travel to this year that will give you a new experience? Again, ask friends, visit a tourist info website for a city, close your eyes and point to a map. It’s one of your most basic needs: rest, relax, recharge!

Wear a New Color!

Did you really think I was going to give you a list of routine breakers and not include clothing? Your closet is one of the biggest culprits in the category of falling into a rut. You’re bored with what you have, you’ve lost the ability to pair new and exciting combos, and you are craving a change!

With a new season comes new colors. What color can you add to your wardrobe that is fresh and will give you a confidence boost? This season you will find coral, toffee, terrarium moss, pepper stem green, fiesta orange, and princess blue to name a few. Check out this seasons top 14 colors and 4 neutrals!

For a small investment in yourself, now is the perfect time to schedule a Personal Branding Session with a closet makeover. You have oodles of clothing combos just waiting to be found. Once I create your new looks in the closet, we take the session to the dressing room and round out your fresh new looks. 

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