Life in Color Workshop a Success!

My gift and my passion are creating excitement around COLOR!

I have always felt deeply moved by nature and all creatures expressing their God-given beauty. Birds do not know how to dull their gorgeous blues, reds, yellows, and oranges. No one tells them, “You’re too bright! Tone it down a notch!” No one tells the sunflower to stop smiling so boldly.

Do you think Nemo and Dory felt guilty they had such amazing colors to just keep swimming through the ocean depths? Of course not.

How happy is this sunflower?!

What a beautiful morning with a group of wonderful women. Today we discovered the joy of color in our home, clothing, and nature. This is a fantastic example of the simple joys in life. The ☀️ sunflower is such a joyful flower.

As adults, we walk around in a daze. Sure we might get excited about the next co-workers obligatory birthday cake celebration, but are we living our life with intention?

Color is all around you!

My passion for all things color helps you see your life through a different lens. Life in Color Workshops allows you to immerse yourself in color, aromatherapy, clothing tips, wellness practices to reduce stress, and mindful eating tips. It’s a lot to pack into one 90 minute session, but it gets you thinking.

Are you proactive or reactive?

Thinking about your life proactively instead of reactively will give you a greater appreciation for the small things in life. We are so hung up on the next big event, we let the little joys pass us by. Guess what? Life is pretty much ALL little moments. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, unfulfilled, and dull, you are not capturing your share of precious little moments. It’s time to wake up to the beauty around you and add your own splash of color to your life.

Each session comes with a workbook that guides you through the psychology of 12 colors and ways to incorporate that color into your work space and clothing style.

I give you access to future topics such as home decor, fashion, food, and self-care actions. After the session, you are given an in-depth series of questions that create a roadmap for integrating color into your environment. How valuable would it be to have a specific goal relating to a specific color? Pretty amazing I must say.

Not to mention fun. This girl is all about FUN!!!

Kiss and Color!

As your personal Shine Coach and Color Girl, I’ll take you on a journey of the senses. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. And the roses. And the life around you!

Don’t you want to capture the most out of your life?

It’s time to get your shine on. Where will you find joy in your life? You might be surprised!

Click the “Schedule a Call Today” button to see how I can inspire your group or organization. Happy people are productive people. You can be the facilitator to joy and self-care.

“Life is too exciting to live in black and white. Live life in color! –
Anne Tabor
Founder of Shine by Design”